Friday, January 23, 2009

Let me clarify, it's not what it sounds like

Kids say the funniest things. We took the kids to get ice cream at Leatherbys the other day. Tyler took Garrett to the bathroom and as they returned, Garrett yelled, "Daddy went potty and missed"!! I started laughing as I saw a few heads turn in our direction. Tyler sat down and said, noooo, let me clarify. We went potty, I washed my hands, got a paper towel to dry my hands and threw it in the garbage and missed the garbage. Garrett was like, yeah and you missed!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Families, isn't it about time

So today I felt like I was in one of those LDS family commericals. Kyndra was at school, Tyler was at work, and Peyton was in her crib asleep. So, Garrett and I went outside to shovel the side walks. As I was working I felt a snowball hit me. I looked up and Garrett had a big cheesy grin on his face. In the back of my head, I thought, I really have to get this done. Anyway, we put our shovels down, had a snow ball fight until oops, I got him good. So we built a snowman instead. He is so prould, can't you tell?! I eventually got the snow shoveled, but I'm glad I listened to that voice that told me to play with my son. It breaks my heart how fast my kids are growing. Garrett is a Sunbeam!!! Augghhhh

Garrett's Birthday!!!

Nope, no typo. Kyndra and Garrett were born 3 years and one day apart. Oops. We do our very best to make sure they have their own special day. So, for Garrett's birthday we went to the movies!! We saw Bolt in 3D. It was really cute and the kids loved it. Tyler and I took the birthday kids to the store so they could pick out their own present. Garrett insisted that mom said he could get 3 presents. I over heard and said, "no I didn't". We quickly followed it up with, "well, Jesus said I could have 3". Funny kid!!

Kyndra's Birthday!!

Kyndra turned 7!!!We celebrated it at Red Robin for dinner and then on to Jungle Jim's. Fun for the whole family. She is looking forward already for her next birthday. She is hoping to be baptized on her birthday. That would be cool, you would never forget that special day, would you.

Christmas with the Burnett's

Our Trip to Disneyland!!!