Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's Halloween Day!!!

Garrett woke up Friday morning yelling, "it's halloween day!!". We had a fun day filled will school parades, daddy's work visit and of course trick or treating. I've become the candy king, I promise my kids (mainly Garrett) would have their whole bag eaten in one day if I let them.
If you need help with identifying costumes, Tyler is a nascar fan, Peyton is a pumpkin, Kyndra is Hannah Montanah, and Garrett is Spider Man. Tyler took all three kids out to collect their candy but were satisfied with their buckets after only about 35 min. We love this time of year!!! We are headed to Disney Land soon. Lots of pictures to come of the adventure. Yahoo!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Concerned little boy

So we took the kids to the state fair in September. We went into the cattle barn to see, well cows!! Garrett got this look on his face when he saw them milking one of the cows. For several days after that he wouldn't drink his milk because it comes from the cow's "butt".

Poor Kid!!

Unfortunately, when you are the 3rd child, your brother and sister dress you up in whatever and take pictures for blackmail. Oh well Peyton seems to enjoy it for now.

NOT so relaxed

Watching Tyler watch football might just be funner than watching the game itself. It certainly isn't a very relaxing 4 hours for him. Especially last night when they got crushed by TCU. He got a text in the middle of the game from his brother saying, "it's okay, the sun will rise again tomorrow". And sure enough, it did!! Better luck next week BYU.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

1st Grade!!!

School started on Monday and my
baby is in 1st grade!! Here I will say it
again, It seems it was only yesterday
she was born.
She is loving it, I am missing her and
Garrett wants to join her.
On her first day, I walked her to her
classroom and Garrett took off it back
pack. I motioned to him to follow me and
he started crying and said, "But mom you
said I could go to school too". I think he
misunderstood me. I meant that he could
come to school with me to take Kyndra.
Oops. We are doing a neighborhood
preschool, hopefully that will fill the need
for school for now.

I want to be like grandpa!!

Ever since Kyndra started loosing her teeth, she has tried really hard to loose her front teeth, so she could look like her grandpa. Grandpa has a bridge to put in, Kyndra has to wait for her permenant teeth to come in. For now, she brags that she and her grandpa are twinners.

Potty Training

So, we are potty training. It's going pretty good except the other day we had to run to the store. Oops, Garrett had an accident and I might be wrong, but I feel like its good for potty training kids to feel uncomfortable in their wet underwear that way maybe the accidents will be few and far between. Anyway, Garrett walked around the store like this and of course I pulled out my camera. He might be mad for the picture some day, but for now I couldn't resist.

More fishing with the kids

My kids have become quite the fishermen. Of course the fish they caught are on the small side, but they love it and always leave wanting more fishing time.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The art of fishing

When we went to Yellowstone, Tyler taught Kyndra and Garrett how to fish. Well more like casting the line out in the water. (baby steps) It was funny, Tyler had the intention to go fishing himself but decided that he wanted Kyndra & Garrett to learn this time so that in the future they would be willing to go with him. They loved every second of it. It made every cent and all our effort worth it when Garrett looked up at Tyler and said, "Oh thank you daddy, thank you thank you thank you!!"Oh how sweet. Talk about melting a parent's heart. Our plan worked, we are planning a fishing trip in the middle of August, and the kids are stoked!!!

It's a cowboy!!!..well kind of

Garrett loves cowboys. I suppose he is trying to be one. Instead of roping calfs, he found something a little bit different. His truck doesn't wiggle as much I guess.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Yellowstone, A trip for 19

My parents planned a trip to Yellowstone for the whole family. We had a blast. With a sister in Virgina and a brother in Las Angeles, we don't get to see them and them and their sweet families only but twice a year, so it was wonderful to have time together. The kids had a great time hiking, swimming, and plenty of running. (Jaden & Garrett) Thanks for the memories ya'll, we love you very much!!!

lots of fun!!!

July 24th Fun

On the 24th of July, we went to the days of 47 parade. Our family loves parades. Tyler ran in the 10k that morning so we got a perfect spot outside of his work at Social Hall.

The best part of the parade was when President Monson drove past us and pointed right to Kyndra and complimented her on the head dress she was wearing. It was AWESOME!!! It sounds silly, but we were totally awe struck at what we had witnessed.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Another big step for Kyndra

It only seems like yesterday she was born, look at her now. She's riding a two wheeler. I'm so excited for her. She loves riding her bike. Last week, she got up in the morning, and would hurry and get her chores done so she could go ride. Wow, how time flies!!!

I'm a soccer mom!!!

Isn't he the cutest!! We signed Garrett up for soccer. Or we like to call it B ball (bunch ball) Just imagine 10 3 to 4 year olds running around the field after one ball. We spent all this time trying to teach our children to share and then for 1 hour yell across the field to, "go get the ball". It's got to be confusing to a 3 year old mind, I'm sure. But it sure has been fun to watch him.

Our family garden

Working hard in the garden. Kyndra and Garrett (& Tyler too) go out and check everyday to see what else has popped out of the ground. It's been really fun to work together. Right now we figure we have close to 70 tomatoes!!! Yummy, I can't wait to make salsa or just bottle them and add to our food storage.

She's a first grader!!!

It's official, she's a 1st grader now. It's been a wonderful year in Kindergarten. Kyndra learned alot from Mrs. Haslam and loved every minute of it. Thanks for everything Mrs. Haslam, we'll miss you!!!

Blessing Day

Peyton was blessed on May 18th. It was a beautiful day. She has been so fun and Kyndra and Garrett are loving her like crazy!!

1st tooth lost

After many hours of pushing and pulling, it finally came out. Kyndra was so excited to loose her first tooth. As of now she has a mouth full of wobbly teeth. Garrett is jealous and is anxiously trying to wiggle his loose too. Sorry, Garrett you still have a few more years to go. (we hope)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Party of 5

We are now a family of 5. Life seems perfect!! Shortly after Peyton was born Tyler got a new position with Beneficial Financial. His new title is Investment Control Accountant. He loves his new job and I am loving being a stay at home mom of 3.