Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Halloween with the Burnett's

Every year,
Tyler's sweet sister puts on a Halloween party. It is a night filled with lots of fun and belly laughs. This year she put together a minute to win it game. Peyton is "cleaning" up after a game that you play with kleenx. You try to pull all the tissues out of the box one at a time , but you can't put your hand inside of the box. Garrett is knocking over water bottles with a ball that is inside the panty hose attached to his head. Fun huh?! Thus the belly laughs!

Like a pro

Kyndra is riding a beautiful, sweet horse named Bree. (it's a boy) She of course it loving every minute. Thanks to my "cousin" shown in the corner we got to spent a great weekend riding horses. The only other time my kids get to ride horses is at the state fair. Compared to Bree, that is child's play.

my little cowboy

On Labor Day weekend, we got the opportunity to go to my uncle's ranch and ride horses. It was so much fun. I was totally nervous for Garrett to be on that huge animal (compared to Garrett) by himself, but he did great!!