Monday, July 14, 2008

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Another big step for Kyndra

It only seems like yesterday she was born, look at her now. She's riding a two wheeler. I'm so excited for her. She loves riding her bike. Last week, she got up in the morning, and would hurry and get her chores done so she could go ride. Wow, how time flies!!!

I'm a soccer mom!!!

Isn't he the cutest!! We signed Garrett up for soccer. Or we like to call it B ball (bunch ball) Just imagine 10 3 to 4 year olds running around the field after one ball. We spent all this time trying to teach our children to share and then for 1 hour yell across the field to, "go get the ball". It's got to be confusing to a 3 year old mind, I'm sure. But it sure has been fun to watch him.

Our family garden

Working hard in the garden. Kyndra and Garrett (& Tyler too) go out and check everyday to see what else has popped out of the ground. It's been really fun to work together. Right now we figure we have close to 70 tomatoes!!! Yummy, I can't wait to make salsa or just bottle them and add to our food storage.

She's a first grader!!!

It's official, she's a 1st grader now. It's been a wonderful year in Kindergarten. Kyndra learned alot from Mrs. Haslam and loved every minute of it. Thanks for everything Mrs. Haslam, we'll miss you!!!

Blessing Day

Peyton was blessed on May 18th. It was a beautiful day. She has been so fun and Kyndra and Garrett are loving her like crazy!!

1st tooth lost

After many hours of pushing and pulling, it finally came out. Kyndra was so excited to loose her first tooth. As of now she has a mouth full of wobbly teeth. Garrett is jealous and is anxiously trying to wiggle his loose too. Sorry, Garrett you still have a few more years to go. (we hope)