Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Every year we like to take the kids to a BYU basketball game. We went just this last Saturday. We had a great time. This year Gaelynn, Tyler's sister came with us. It's always a treat to have her come. Although Peyton was a lot easier to handle last year, the game was still fun and BYU won. (BIG)
Kyndra with cosmo, Garrett was nestled behind Gaelynn a safe 20 yards away.

It is more economically feasible for us to take the whole family when we sit in the nose bleed section. It's cool, Garrett loved the binoculars.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


My baby brother is HOME!!! Okay he isn't really a baby anymore, i'm his big sister and he'll always feel like that to me. Reed arrived in Salt Lake after serving an LDS mission in Alaska on Jan 5th at 8:00am. The funny thing is that my baby sister Valerie (Duck) arrived in Washington D.C. that same morning about the same time to begin her mission. The only missed each other by about 7 hours. Reed is doing great and has begun school at SLCC. Welcome home Reed, we love you!!!

Birthdays, birthdays and more birthdays

We celebrated birthdays right after new years. Kyndra's birthday is Jan 2. She chose to go to Olive Garden for lunch and then to the the aquarium museam. It was really neat. This is an octopus (and later calimari) j/k
Garrett chose chuck E cheese. It was really fun and not too busy which was also nice.

New Year's Day!!

Tyler and I got up (semi) early New Years Day and racked our brains of something we could do with our young family that would not be economically draining but would entertain all. We came up with sledding!! We had a blast!! Even Peyton wasn't ready to leave when it was time to go. Good times!!

Fun with Snow

We had to get creative during the winter break. This is our version of a one horse open sleigh.

Christmas at the Burnett's

Kyndra go a bathrobe,she feels real grown up. She is also going to be the coolest in the neighborhood with her new bike.
Peyton loves her new bug/bike/car thingy.

As, you can see, it was bike year. Santa was smart and spoiled us with bikes. Right in time too. The kids have all out grown the old ones. Now we just need the snow to clear up and we are set for some good bike rides this summer.