Friday, October 17, 2008

Concerned little boy

So we took the kids to the state fair in September. We went into the cattle barn to see, well cows!! Garrett got this look on his face when he saw them milking one of the cows. For several days after that he wouldn't drink his milk because it comes from the cow's "butt".

Poor Kid!!

Unfortunately, when you are the 3rd child, your brother and sister dress you up in whatever and take pictures for blackmail. Oh well Peyton seems to enjoy it for now.

NOT so relaxed

Watching Tyler watch football might just be funner than watching the game itself. It certainly isn't a very relaxing 4 hours for him. Especially last night when they got crushed by TCU. He got a text in the middle of the game from his brother saying, "it's okay, the sun will rise again tomorrow". And sure enough, it did!! Better luck next week BYU.