Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The best Mother's day ever!!!

What better gift could a mother ask for than her kids to be happy, healthy, oh and a spa day. Peyton is working on my hair, while Kyndra and Garrett are working on my pedicure. I'm very grateful for my sweet kids. I think about a book I read a while ago called, "How to survive your greatest blessings". It was a funny book with some real true here and there throughout the pages. Being a stay at home mom is manotnous and mundane with very little reward at times, but also brings moments of pure joy. I'm so thankful that my Heavenly Father trusted me to be their mom and I pray I can do it well.


Nielsen Family said...

I can't belive how big your kids are getting, they are so cute! I think you are a great mom! We missed seeing you at the Benificial Christmas party, Kip says that Tyler is busy and liking his new job I hope all is well!

Suzie said...

Too cute! Your kids are getting so big!

Jake said...


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